Sex games for xbox 360 kinect video - Kinect Sex Game Offers Interactive Porn - ABC News

It took two full months for someone to make a Kinect sex game? C'mon, porn industry -- you generally move faster than that! you read that right: There are sex games in the works for Kinect, Microsoft's new motion sensor for the Xbox Also, in his e-mail, Abram did bring up a good point regarding sex in video games.

Armchair Astronomers Can Now Visit a Black Hole – In Virtual Reality video sex 360 games xbox for kinect

Won't be long before we see shooters. You wanna sell Xbox s in Japan? Squashing this sex game is not how you'll go about it.

Kinect sex game in the works

Xbox is a family friendly I stopped reading after that and started giggling uncontrollably. Meh a piece of shit is still a piece of shit Not that I care about either Kinect or Porn games on it, neither interests me, but still. Viedo utterly retarded how the system works in the US, but that's how it is.

kinect video 360 games xbox for sex

I thought that this was probably gonna be on PC anyway, that was the whole point. I doubt the "informed" media would allow this to pass without creating a shitstorm. What would be the point?

video kinect 360 for sex xbox games

Makes no diffrence to me even if they did make the sexy games i still would not gamws one. They can't do jack shit if it's done on the PC.

video xbox sex kinect for 360 games

Microsoft cannot do anything vide it. They're going to stop me from scratching myself while playing games on Kinect? The question asked of any great new invention 'How can I have sex with it? Login With Facebook or Username: To sign up for an account with The Escapist: Toil Sweat Owkwa O2 Digest: Oh microsoft, why you no be cool?

Adult Games: Hands On Sex Simulation with Kinect | Future of Sex

Well they've lost my Kinect purchase. The best Black Friday deals: DOS games to hop aboard the mini-console bandwagon. How to find and fro the legendary fox in Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption 2: We need to talk about Breath of the Wild.

Kinect Hacked for Virtual Sex Acts -

An interview with Digitiser's Mr Biffo. Swedish retro tech designer gives pocket gamers the choice of clamshell or one-piece.

video kinect games sex for xbox 360

The PlayStation Classic games line-up is kinecy good actually. The life-saving drug more Americans need. Europeans take back control of their data. What lies 2 miles below Earth's surface?

Porn Company Creates Interactive Sex Game for Microsoft Kinect

The Griffin brothers' journey to the NFL. Why do mass shooters choose the AR style rifle? The Senate race predicting America's future. Whistleblower says bishop allowed kienct priests to stay on job.

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Man sentenced to life for killing wife and daughters. At least 16 Democrats signal they would oppose Pelosi as House speaker. Dallas woman who went to Mexico for plastic surgery now in hospice. Microsoft did not authorize or license its technology for this use.

Dec 17, - A new sex game for the Kinect motion controller has been demonstrated of adult themed Kinect games for the Microsoft XBOX and or PC. plans to release this technology to the public," reads the video's description.

Xbox is a family friendly games and entertainment console and does not allow Adults Only AO content to be certified for use on its platform, and would not condone this type of game for Kinect.

One software engineer noted that for centuries new technology has been co-opted by those whose motivation is selling sex.

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Description:Dec 16, - MetroPCS is launching 4G networks across the country, Facebook is ready to tag your photos automatically, and the porn industry is showing.

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Microsoft Blocking Kinect Sex Games - IGN
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Will we ever see Adult rated games this generation? : xboxone
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Adult-only Kinect games - Video - CNET
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