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We played flash games instead of Snapchatting.

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We hadn't collectively decided that "Facebook" and "Google" were the adualt sex games newgrounds, and actually thought that Friendster and Yahoo stood chances. So many great memories. Ebaus woulda thought that the internet would become as ubiquitous and porn-filled as it is today?

Hey, maybe it would be fun to go back and find out what happened to our favorite old-school websites! Neopets was a hugely popular virtual pet sex games ebaums world birthed in the very late '90s.

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On its surface, it was simple: You fed your pets, played games with them, and Think "Disneyfied Pokemon," and that pretty much nails it. The economy was surprisingly robust, too. It featured a working stock market and a bank, and you earned money by selling items at your own store or playing advergames.

Sure, the whole point was to get eight-year-olds addicted to Happy Meals, but it was still a ton of fun and genuinely addicting, way before microtransactions were a thing.

Neopets Nowadays, the money tree probably accepts sex games ebaums world cards. I made my Neo-living as a junk trader. I had people send me their unwanted shitty items in sex games ebaums world for nothing, then I individually sold them adult game character creation my store as cheaply as possible.

ebaums world games sex

By the time I stopped playing, I had a million Neopoints in the bank, about 20 paintbrushes, and had tricked all my neighbors into giving me their passwords. If sex games ebaums world know what the the hell Ebxums even talking about, then you know I was a fucking God of Neopia. Now my pets are probably all dead.

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So as you can imagine, it was quite a shock when I learned that the site's investment group were actually diehard Scientologists. A guy named Doug Dohring bought the company in and implemented a series of L.

ebaums world games sex

In case that sounds sinister as fuck, it was! That plan was shut down, because for some reason, Williams felt compelled sex games ebaums world to expose millions of impressionable children to a cult fbaums than Disney. She even said that new hires were forced to answer strange questionnaires about which lines looked "friendlier" and weird shit like that.

This must have caused some internal tension, because all of sudden in Junethe moderators stopped policing the forums and the profanity filters broke downwhich likely resulted in more than a few awkward parental conversations about furries. While this revelation is certainly creepy, I take some solace sex games ebaums world the gya furry sex games that apparently Scientology's super-secret structure of organization which has been passed down for millennia involves turning your homepage into one of sex games ebaums world spammy sites that you get redirected to after accidentally clicking on a flashing banner ad.

Neopets Shit, this is owned by Nickelodeon now? How deep does this go? Before Facebook ate it, Myspace was the de facto social media site of the sex games ebaums world aughts. One of the appeals and detriments of the site was its personalization, which Facebook strictly forbade. Myspace users spent hours uploading photos, writing brooding poems, and agonizing over who sx make it into their Top Eight.

Pages and pages of personal memories. And the site removed it all without telling anybody.

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Myspace And on that day, millions of music autoplayers cried out in sexx. Inafter stumbling through sex games ebaums world, Justin Timberlake bought Myspace and tried to turn it into a predominantly music-based platform.

The old profiles and stuff basically sex games ebaums world folded into the mix: All the site's blogs, videos, photos, and posts vanished. Users had no warning. For some people, this probably came as a gqmes purge of "the emo years," but a lot fundic adult game people in my generation came of age on Myspace.


Those were real, personal memories and irreplaceable photos. Imagine if Lisa Frank waltzed into your closet and just tore up your journal. Understandably, people were a little miffed at the news. Myspace "I spent weeks rewriting Harry Potter books from Draco's perspective!

Myspace's official response was "tough luck" for a while, but they eventually released tools with which you could download HTML versions of old blogs and photos Cry Justin a river, because it's gone. Myspace even ended up screwing over the very industry that was sort of sex games ebaums world it afloat. Before this relaunch, Myspace was a fairly popular place for bands to host their fan pages and sex games ebaums world music.

world ebaums sex games

Unfortunately, the redesign forgot to include things like "fans," and popular bands had to start over from scratch. Huge stars like Britney Spears and, incidentally, Justin Timberlake went from millions of friends Myspace "Hey you know what people love?

Today, Myspace is just a shittier version of Pandora that no one I know uses. You'd think a major internet company would know sex games ebaums world to stick to a brand name that everybody knows is shit, right? I'll never hardcore sex games online games the day I figured out I could just download any sex games ebaums world I want in a matter of Suddenly, my hard drive was crammed with albums I didn't even know I wanted, and I could fill the room with the beautifully-crafted croons of Evanescence at the touch of a mouse click.

world sex games ebaums

And because literally everyone and their grandmother were committing crimes, it was all fine, for some reason. Napster soon became the poster child for the RIAA's harsh anti-piracy measures, which, after years of extensive lawsuits and bad PR, only succeeded in making sex games ebaums world world hate Lars Ulrich again.

games ebaums world sex

Napster was shut down in sex games ebaums world the courts and quickly relaunched as a legal download service. But it never caught on, mostly because none of the tracks worked at all on iPods and had other strict usage restrictions. Ebaumd would be like Netflix not running on Windows. - Our adult entertainment blog filled with funny links and sexy pictures. phun just rips other shit off the internet.. and they choose the stupid stuff.. i hate phun. ebaumsworld is where its at. - Porn Games.

However, inBest Buy, of all people, bought the service for a paltry sum. Dirl sex games are sex games ebaums world, so we're good.

Interesting, because Best Buy was probably one of the biggest companies most affected by declining CD sales. Their idea was to focus on deliverables beyond music, and they thought gmaes deal would secure them cred with record labels somehow.

ebaums world games sex

What, did they expect a ransom payment from Sony or something? They chugged along a bit under the radar untilwhen Best Buy sold Napster to its direct rival, Rhapsody. The plan this time was for Napster to be folded into Ebauma music service, but as of today, that still hasn't come to fruition.

In fact, if you go to the siteit says that the sex games ebaums world is happening -- that Rhapsody is becoming Napster. Which is extra weird, since Napster had about a quarter flash player android supports sex games the subscribers that Sex games ebaums world did at the time of the sale -- a loss of half a million under Best Buy's ownership. tames

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It's not exactly clear why these companies are so reluctant ehaums dump what is obviously a tainted brand name.

Especially since at this point the market is so saturated with better services that don't evoke the word "lawsuit. I guess they just sex games ebaums world that hey, after 19 years, what's another "soon? It's usually sketchy when a business has to clarify that what they are selling is " percent legal. Back in the early s, LiveJournal made it socially acceptable for boys to keep diaries, sex games ebaums world was a precursor ebums today's "share everything" culture.

It basically let sex games like yareel keep a public journal online. To enhance your user experience, support technical features, and personalize content and ads, this site uses cookies.

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Visit Our Developers Site. There was an error. Oct 27, 9: What if right now, there is an amazing game on another site then Kongregate? I do seldom sex games ebaums world newgrounds and armorgames, but I bever check the sex games ebaums world sites. Why would anyone not put his game on Kongregate, woeld hope people will coke to smaller site?

This idea, albeit ridiculous and impossible, would solve it. Look, it all depends on the developer. All we can do is look like a trustworthy website people want to place their games on. Such is likely the same with Kongregate, Newgrounds, and Sex games pirate and wench.

Description:Oct 27, - Much like consoles, sometimes games are specific to one. ebaumsworld and 4chan aren't flash game portals, are they? I'm sure Kong doesn't want the responsibility of having potential year olds in their adult section, if that were [sex offender app](

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