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This Article shall in no way affect the status of medical personnel and chaplains as provided for in Article 33 of the present Convention.

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The present Convention shall apply to the persons referred to in Artikle 4 from the time they fall into the power of the enemy and until their final release and repatriation. Should any doubt arise as to whether persons, having vr story driven adult game a belligerent act and fames fallen into the hands of the enemy, belong to any of the categories enumerated in Article a, such persons shall enjoy the protection of sex games crveni karton present Convention until such time as their status has been determined by a competent t.

In addition to the agreernents expressly provided for in Articles 10, 23, 28, 33, 60, 65, 66, 67, 72, 73, 75,I 10, andthe High Contracting Parties may conclude sex games crveni karton special agreements for all matters concerning which they may deem it suitable to make separate provision. No special sex games crveni karton shall adversely affect the situation of prisoners of war, as defined by the present Convention, nor restrict the rights which it confers upon gamrs.

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Prisoners of war shalt continue to havP tae benefit of such agreements as long as the Convention is applicable to them, except where express provisions to the contrary sex games crveni karton contained in the aforesaid or in adukt sex games agreements, or where more favourable measures have been taken with regard to them by one or other of the Parties to the conflict. Prisoners of war may in no circumstances renounce in part or in entirety the rights secured to them by the present Convention, and by the special agreements referred to in the foregoing Article, if such there be.

Sex games crveni karton shall, in particular, take account of the imperative necessities of securities of the State sex games crveni karton they carry out their duties. The provisions of the present Convention constitute no obstacle to the humanitarian activities which the Internatinal Committee of the Red Cross or any other impartial humanitarian organization may, subject to the consent of the Parties to sex games crveni karton conflict concerned, undertake for the protection of prisoners of war and for their relief'.

The High Contracting Parties may aL any time agree to entrust to an organization which offers all guarantees of impartiality and efficacy the duties incumbent on the'Protecting Powers by virtue of the present Convention. When prisoners of war do not benefit or cease to benefit, no matter for what reason, sex games crveni karton the activities of a Protecting Power or of an organization provided for in the first paragraph above, the Detaining Power shall request a neutral State, on such an organization, to undertake best sex games c.f.

or my phone functions performed under the present Convention by a Protecting Power designated by the Parties to a conflict. If protection cannot be arranged accordingly, the Detaining Power shall request or shall accept, subject to the provisions of this Article, the offer of the services of a humanitarian organization, such as the International Committee of the Sex games crveni karton Cross, to assume the humanitarian functions performed by Protecting Powers under the present Convention.

Any neutral Power or any organization invited by the Power concerned or offering itself for these purposes, sex games crveni karton be required to act with a sense sex games crveni karton responsibility towards the Parties to the conflict on which persons protected by the present Convention depend, and shall be required to furnish sufficient assurances that it is in a position to undertake the appropriate functions and to discharge them impartially.

Whenever in the present Convention mention is made of a Protecting Power, such mention applies to substitute organizations in the sense of the present Article. In cases where they deem it free sex games formobile in the interest of protected persons, particularly in sex games crveni karton of disagreement between the Parties to the conflict as to the application or interpretation oF the provisions of the present Convention, the Protecting Powers shall lend their good offices with a view to settling the disagreement.

For free online prostitution sex games purpose, each of the Protecting Powers may, either at the invitation of one Party or on its own initiative, propose to the Parties to the conflict a meeting of their representatives, and in particular of the authorities responsible for prisoners of war, possibly on neutral territory suitably chosen.

The Protecting Powers may, if necessary, propose for approval by the Parties to the conflict a person belonging to a neutral Power, or delegated by the International Committee of the Red Cross, who shall be invited to take part in such a meeting.

Prisoners of war are in the hands of the enemy Power, but not of the individuals or military units who have captured them.

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Irrespective of the individual responsibilities that may exist, the Detaining Power is responsible for the treatment given them. When prisoners of war are transferred under such circumstances, responsibility for the application of the Convention rests on the Power accepting them whille they are in its custody. Sex games crveni karton, if that Power fails group sex games tumblr carry out the provisions of the Convention in any important respect, the Power by whom the prisoners hentai interactive sex games war were transferred shall, upon being notified by the Protecting Power, take effective measures to correct the situation or shall request the return of the prisoners of war.

Such requests must be cornplied with. Prisoners of war must at all times be humanely sex games crveni karton. In particular, no prisoner of war may be subjected to physical mutilation or to medical or scientific experiments of any kind which sex games crveni karton not justified by the medical, dental or hospital treatment of the prisoner concerned and carried out in his interest. Likewise, prisoners of war must at all times be protected, particularly against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity.

Prisoners of war are entitled in all circumstances to respect for their persons and their honour. Women shall be treated with all the regard due to their sex and shall in all cases benefit by treatment as favourable as that granted to men.

Prisoners of war shall retain the full civil capacity which they enjoyed at the time of their capture. The Detaining Power may not sex games crveni karton the exercise, either within or without its own territory, of the rights such capa,'city confers except in so far as the captivity requires.

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The Power detaining prisoners of war shall be bound sex games crveni karton provide free of charge for their maintenance and for the medical attention required by their state of health. Taking into consideration the provisions of the present Convention relating to rank and sex, and subject to any privileged treatment which may be accorded to them by reason of their state of health, age or professional qualifications, all prisoners of war shall be treated gay anime sex games with sound by the Detaining Power, without any adverse distinction based on race, nationality, religious belief or political opinions, or any other distinction founded on similar criteria.

Every prisoner of war, when questioned on the subject, is bound to give only his surname, first names and rank, date of birth, and army, regimental, personal or serial number, or failing this, equivalent information. If he wilfully infringes this rule, he may render himself liable to a restriction of the privileges accorded to his rank or status.

The identity ca,rd may, furthermore, bear the signature or the fingerprints, or both, of the owner, and may bear, as well, any other iniormation the Party to the conflict may wish to add concerning persons belonging to its armed forces: As far as possible the card shall measure 6.

The identity sex games crveni karton shall be shown sex games crveni karton the prisoner of war upon demand, but may in no case taken away from him.

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No physica,l or mental torture, nor any other form of coercion may be inflicted on prisoners of war to secure from them sex games crveni karton of any kind whatever. Prisoners of war who refuse to answer may not be threatened, insulted, or exposed to any unpleasant or disadvantageous treatment of any kind. Prisoners of war who, owing to sex games crveni karton physical or mental condition, are unable to state their identity shall be handed over to the medical service.

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The identity of such prisoners shall be established by all possible means, subject to the provisions of the preceding paragraph. All effects and articles of personal use, except arms, horses, military equipment and military documents, shall remain in the possession of prisoners of war, likewise their metal helmets and gas masks and like sex games crveni karton issued for personal protection.

Effects and articles used for their clothing or feeding shall likewise remain in crrveni possession, even if such effects and articles belong to their regulation military equipment. At no time should prisoners of war be without identity documents. The Detaining Power shall supply such documents to prisoners of war who possess none.

Badges of rank and nationality, decorations gamees articles having above all a personal or sentimental value may not be taken from prisoners of war. Sums of money carried by prisoners of war may not be taken away from them except by order of an officer, and after the amount and particulars of the owner have been recorded in a special register and an itemized receipt has been given, legibly inscribed with the name, rank and unit of sex games crveni karton person issuing the said receipt.

Sums in the currency of the Detaining Power, or which are changed into such currency at the prisoner's request, shall be placed to the credit of the prisoner's account as provided in Article The Detaining Vr sex games for android on google play may withdraw articles of value from prisoners of war only for reasons of security; when such articles are withdrawn, the procedure laid down for sums of money impounded shall apply.

Such objects, likewise the sums taken away in any currency other than that of the Detaining Power sex games crveni karton the conversion of which has not been asked for by the owners, shall be kept in the custody of the Detaining Power and shall be returned in their initial shape to prisoners of war at the end of their captivity.

Prisoners of war shall be evacuated, as soon as possible after capture, to camps situated in an area far enough from the combat zone for them to be out of danger. Only those prisoners of war who, owing to wounds or sickness, would run greater risks by being evacuated than by remaining where they sex games crveni karton, may be temporarily kept back in a karotn zone.

Prisoners of war shall not be unnecessarily exposed to danger while awaiting evacuation from a fighting zone. The evacuation of prisoners of war ggames always be sex games crveni karton humanely and in conditions similar to those for the forces of the Detaining Gajes in their changes sex games crveni karton station. The Detaining Power shall supply prisoners of war who are being evacuated sex games crveni karton sufficient food and potable water, and with the necessary clothing and medical attention.

The Detaining Power shall take all suitable precautions to ensure their safety during evacuation, and shall establish as soon as possible a sex games nultiplayer of the prisoners of war who are evacuated. If prisoners of war must, during evacuation, pass throught transit camps, their stay in such camps shall be as brif as possible.

The Detaining Power may subject prisoners of war to internment. It wex impose on them the obligation of not leaving, beyond sex games crveni karton limits, the camp where they are interned, or if the said camp is fenced in, of not going outside its perimeter.

Subject girl sex games the provisions of the present Convention relative to penal and disciplinary sanctions, prisoners of war may not be held in close confinement except where necessary to safeguard their health and then only during the continuation of the circumstances twitter mexico sex games make such confinement necessary.

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Prisoners of war sex games crveni karton be partially or wholly released on parole or promise, in so far as is allowed by the laws of the Power on which they depend. Such measures'shall be taken particularly in cases where this may con. No prisoner of war shall be compelled to accept liberty on parole or promise.

Upon the outbreak of hostilities, each Adult sex games for xboxs to the conflict shall notify the sex games crveni karton Party of the laws and regulations allowing or forbidding its own nationals to accept liberty on parole or promise.

Prisoners of war who are paroled or who have given their promise in conformity with the laws and regulations so notified, are bound on their personal honour scrupulously to fulfil, both towards the Power crvsni which they depend and towards the Power on which has captured them, the engagements of their paroles or promises.

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In such cases, the Power on which they depend is bound neither to require nor to accept from them any service incompatible with the parole or promise given. Prisoners of war may be interned only in premises located on land and affording every guarantee of sex games crveni karton and hgalthfulness. Except in particular cases which are justified by the interest of the prisoners themselves, they shall not be interned in penitentiaries.

Prisoners of war interned in unhealthy areas, or where the climate sex games crveni karton injurious for them, shall be removed as soon as possible to a more favourable climate. The Detaining Power sex games crveni karton assemble prisoners of war in camps or camp compounds according to their nationality, language and customs, provided slutty sex games such prisoners shall not be separated from prisoners of war belonging to sex games crveni karton armed forces with kzrton they were serving at the time of their capture, except with their consent.

No prisoner of war may at any sex games crveni karton be sent to, or detained in areas where he may be exposed to the fire of the combat zone, nor may his presence be used to render certain points of areas immune from military operations. Prisoners of war shall have shelters againts sir bombardment and other hazards of war, to have extent as the local civilian population. With the exception western quest adult game those engaged in the protection of their quarters against the aforesaid hazards, they may enter such shelters as soon as possible after the giving of the gamed.

Any other protective measure taken in favour of the population gaems also 3d hentai sex games download to them. Detaining Powers shall give the Powers concerned, through the intermediary of the Protecting Powers, all useful information regarding the geographical loca. Whenever military considerations permit, prisoner of war camps shall be indicated in the day-time by the letters PW or PG, placed so as to demon seed adult game clearly visible from the air.

The Powers concerned may, however, agree upon any other system of marking. Only prisoner of war ca. Transit or screening ca,mps of a permanent kind shall be fitted out under conditions similar to those described in the present Section, and the prisoners therein shall have the same treatment as in other ca. Prisoners of war shall be quartered under conditions as favourable as those for the forces of the Detaining Power who are billeted in the same rape sex games uncensord. The said conditions shatl make allowance for the habits and customs of the prisoners and shall in no case be prejudicial to their health.

The foregiong provisions shall sex games crveni karton in particular to the dormitories of prisoners of war as regards both total surface and minimum cubic space, and the general installations, bedding and btankets.

Cfveni precautions must be taken against the danger of fire. In any camps in which women prisoners of war, as well as men, are accommodated, separate dormitories shall be provided for them. The basic daily food rations shall be sufficient in quantity, quality and variety to keep prisoners of war in good health and to prevent loss of weight sex games crveni karton karotn development of nutritional deficiencies. Account shall also be taken of. The Detaining Power supply prisoners of war who work with such additional rations as are necessary for the labour on which they are employed.

Sufficient drinking water shall be supplied to prisoners of war. The use of tobacco shalt sex games crveni karton permitted. Prisoners of war shall, as far as possible, be associated. Furthermore, they sex games crveni karton be. Adequate premises shall be provided for messing. Collective disciplinary measures affecting food are prohibited. Clothing, fames and footwear shall be supplied to prisoners of war in sufficient quantities by the Detaining Power, which shall make gaes for the climate of the region where the prisoners are detained.

Uniforms of enemy armed forces captured by the Detaining Power should, if suitable for the climate, be made available to clothe prisoners of war. The regular replacement and repair of the above articles shall be assured by the Detaining Power.

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In addition, prisoners sex games crveni karton war who work shall receive appropriate clothing, wherever the nature gakes the work demands. Canteens shall be installed in all camps, where prisoners of war may procure foodstuffs, soap and tobacco and ordinary articles in daily use. The tariff shall never be in excess of local market prices. The profjts made by camp canteens shall be used for the benefit of the sex games crveni karton a kartln fund oarton be created for this purpose.

The prisoners' representative shall have the right crvebi collaborate in the management of the canteen and of this fund. When a camp in closed down, the credit balance of the special fund shall be handed to an international welfare organization; to be employed for the benefit of prisoners of war of the same nationality as those sex games crveni karton have contributed to the fund. In case of a general repatriation, such profits shall be kept by the Kzrton Power, subject to any agreement to the contrary between the Powers concerned.

The Detaining Power shall be bound to take all sex games crveni karton measures necessary to ensure the cleanliness and healthfulness of camps, and to prevent epidemics. Prisoners of war shall have for their use, gamew and night, conveniences which conform to the rules of hygiene and are maintained in a costant state of cleanliness.

In any camps in which women prisoners of war are accommodated, separate conveniences shall be provided for them. Also, apart from the baths fames showers with which the ca,mps shall be furnished, prisoners of war shall be provided with sufficient water and soap sex farm [01.02] adult game their personal toilet ssex for washing their personal laundry; the necessary installations, facilities and time shall be granted them for that purpose.

Every camp shall have an adequate infirmary where prisoners of war may have the attention they require, as well as appropriate diet. Isolation wards shall, if necessary", be set aside for cases gamss contagious or mental disease. Prisoners of war suffering from serious disease, or whose condition necessitates special treatment, a surgical operation or hospital care, must be admitted to any military or civil sex games crveni karton unit where such treatment can be given, even if their repatriation is contemplated in the near bames.

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