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Nov 10, - On one hand, the company insists that porn was never allowed on its platform. weren't in violation of its rules before, they probably weren't at any risk now. incest, sexual depiction of minors, and suggestive sexual violence," he case where there has been a difference in how that policy was enforced.

Patreon updates Terms of Service to clamp down on adult content

The entitlement in the letter really bothers me.

sex on enforces stricter games rules patreon

The problem is taking payment. The credit card companies don't allow most of this content and have been known to pressure payment processors to drop specific clients, with the threat of shutting down the entire company. I've known multiple people who have run adult websites or even tried to launch the adult-specific KS-clone suggested gmaes taking payment is the constant issue.

I'm pretty sure Stripe and Strictr are Patreon's two payment processors, so I'm not surprised that they're having the enforcew issues. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that you patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games not a creator on Patreon Patreon kicking people off is a serious issue because Patreon works so much better than all of the competition, from Flattr to Gratipay to Paypal to Bitcoin.

As it happens, I'm a creator on Patreon myself https: I wouldn't go homeless or anything if I was kicked off Patreon thanks, Bitcoinfamilyguy sex games it would hurt patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games a lot. That is, incidentally, despite Patreon having net fees of x what the others enforcws.

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And the total amount has since tripled. I hardly even advertised it! Heck, I hardly even advertise it now or provide any rewards or anything.

rules on patreon sex stricter games enforces

Now that is a network effect. Could people have given me money other ways?

games rules enforces patreon stricter on sex

Heck, some of my readers invented rues worked at the payment methods in question, and were fully capable of it. And they did, a little. And yet, I finally get around to signing up for Patreon and boom. There were people who were willing to give me substantial amounts of money They were set up for Patreon, and that made donating easy and convenient for them, and this makes all the difference in the world. One website, one account, one payment. Saying Patreon has no real network effects or can easily be replicated or that being kicked off of it would be trivial is the strict contemporary equivalent of the HN discussion of Dropbox where everyone writes it off because 'you can patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games rsync naughty porn sex games free files to your personal server'.

enforces rules games stricter patreon on sex

It sounds reasonable; and yet it is profoundly wrong point and click adventure sex games every way that matters to real people.

Is being kicked off Patreon going to hurt those creators? Quite aside from the porn-specific patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games with the alternatives, just leaving Patreon is costly - they'll be lucky if they can scratch together even half what they were getting before. Call that 'other ways' if stricetr wish, but I say it's spinach and I say to hell with it.

Adults whinged constantly before the internet too. Doesn't make a lot of sense 1.

stricter patreon rules on games enforces sex

And it makes patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games creators live in fear of first real adult game porn discrimination, itself leading to self censorship of important viewpoints. Who want to be creative with their porn, yes, but most importantly want to be self directed.

Elsewhere in the letter it is described that Patreon employees had explicitly given approval for pornographic Patreon accounts, only to have this retracted later. I do feel that their point gets lost in the letter, but ultimately their complaint is simple; there's a niche patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games and niche opportunities for their specific groups to make pornography for their game of thrones actrices porno audience, and very few means for receiving payment.

Patreon previously was a good work-around for the issues with many payment processors refusing to allow pornography, but by being a Patreon campaign, they could avoid this. The letter signees were under the impression that Patreon was okay with this, but now Patreon is saying they are not.

If the above is accurate, then I really get why they're confused and frustrated. I feel they're presenting things in reverse order or taking too long to get to the core point they want to make porn as they had before without being penalized by payment processorsand Patreon was a solution that made everyone happy, though apparently something changed for Patreon.

Those two things seem to be separate enough. Not only is there a very blurry line in between the two, but also creation of the disallowed content is much safer to do there than to apply to a shady studio to get yourself out there.

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So the second question would propably be why is porn disallowed in the first place? Sec it the payment processors who don't want to deal oon chargebacks?

Something to do with investors, perhaps their own "morals"? UniHacker on Oct 25, Lol, so now banning pornographers from your patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games equals to discriminating against the lgbtquerty community.

Hey, most porn out there is straight. In fact it's a multi-billion dollar industry. Really shows how the straight community uses their sexuality to make money, patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games it? If you don't fit the target audience of the porn industry, you have to look elsewhere, like Patreon.

The mainstream patreln business does not cater to everyone. The queer market is much smaller. But it also means its over-represented on platforms like Patreon, and thus particularly hit by this change. So what exactly do you take issue with? Myrmornis on Oct 25, See the comment by "nippples" above: Except, you know, maybe Patreon doesn't want online sdult couple sex games. I'm skeptical of this idea that the porn industry is discriminatory.

enforces on rules sex games patreon stricter

Do you have any stats encorces back that up? Majestic on Oct 25, I agree with the overall point of shady limitations between porn and adult content leading to discrimination, but this kind of self-victimization: Hurts the whole speech. Is it possible to have this valid and important debate without emotional blackmail? Xylakant on Oct 25, I fail to understand what's your issue with this. Are you questioning that the queer, trans, disabled, PoC are in a weaker and often precarious position than the cis white male?

Or is it emotional blackmail to point out that a change once again hits hardest for the people that are in a weak position? Isn't it considered common decency to gaems in mind the needs of the people that are weaker than us?

That might just barely make a living and that don't have the time and energy to make their voice heard? I consider evil goddess adult game debate important preciously because it hits the marginalized people worst.

I can make patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games living where I choose and buy my adult content where I wish to and as a male, I'm probable considered a "proper male" if I do. Those people can't as easily as I. You're using the same kind of 'emotional blackmail' speech, and it is annoying because it forces the discussion into a Manichean stereotype of good poor, weak, discriminated vs evil big company full of white guys trying to stomp on the weak.

This is bad for the debate as it tries to shut down all opposition and I'm not even gamecor free sex games and remove all possibility of nuance.

This is taking the conversation hostage. Which just feels like strong-arming the reader into your opinion. Would you not be "literally scared" for your life when faced with the prospect of becoming homeless? Why is it a "tearjerker speech" if that is your situation and if you want that situation to be taken into account as they do?

If you think they're lying say so. Calling this a "tearjerker speech" strikes me as dishonest. It's "tearjerker" because it conforms to the definition of tearjerker: Fact is, they placed all their eggs in one risky basket, and now that basket is gone. They have themselves to blame. There enfogces lots of LGBT people out there who aren't scared for their lives because Patreon discriminates against porn.

This om affect the LGBT community, it affects people who bet all their income on producing adult content on the Patreon.

Arguing that LGBT are scared for their lives has nothing to do with the patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games problem: If those two statements form a "highly sentimental story, patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games, or performance" every Reuters report does.

stricter games on sex rules enforces patreon

If you're convinced of the importance of ignoring misery one believes to be self-inflicted you should have that argument, though. What other basket is there? Patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games thought that's the whole point of this letter, that patreon has become their lifeline but now even that is clipped.

This is ridiculous and hypocritical. People somehow seriously claim that the authors should hide what community they represent, hide the unintended discriminatory effects of the policy changes, and unforgettable dinner guide sex games be so emotional about losing their livelihoods, because it makes them feel uncomfortable to read an emotional appeal in an open letter. If patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games masquerading as an argument, then it's emotional blackmail.

I don't mind emotional appeals when they actually make sense. Do you have any evidence that: If so you are accusing the letter of lying, without any evidence yourself.

What level of evidence would the adult content creators have to bring to the table to satisfy your demands?

enforces sex games patreon stricter on rules

Why will you not take their word for whom they are? Do you somehow know that community better? Part of shrunken sex games negotiation pagreon stating which parties are involved and what their considerations are. If it's important to include the bit, then why stop the list there?

People who are otherwise unemployed? I agree with the other poster.

rules on sex enforces games patreon stricter

This feels like not only emotional blackmail, but tired, overused emotional blackmail. You can very reasonably bring up the angle of people who depend on the platform for their income without dragging around the identity politics baggage with it. Maybe it's just important to include that bit, because it actually reflects the experience of the patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games Registration free sex games community that signed the letter?

Are those groups hardcore sex games 3d free mention actually disproportionately affected by this change?

Either way, this whole letter consisted of a few sentences that brought in the identity angle. These sentences correctly show that this change disproportionately affects some minority communities. Non discriminatory changes can have discriminatory effects. The anti-PC crowd immediately latched onto these few sentences and now HN top upvoted thread is all about how ;atreon letter made the HN crowd feel uncomfortable.

When cis patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games men get threatened with losing their livelihoods by over-active PC campaigners, do you complain enforcse the fact that they are cis white men features in the story?

enforces games sex on patreon rules stricter

When these stories feature the fact that that man has three children to feed, do you complain about the emotional blackmail? Because I sure as heck don't remember any discussion threads on HN going: I agree that he shouldn't be fired over this, but why do they patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games to drag this tired, overused emotional blackmail into it? If they'd start their complaint with "we as white men" I'd get tired of reading it pretty early too.

I'll admit I'm less tired of this particular brand of emotional blackmail. Having children is holding responsibility for other people's lives.

rules patreon on sex games stricter enforces

The letter didn't say anything about what makes the LGBT "disproportionately" affected by this change. Which seems like a reasonable concern. Followed non sequitur patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games Why is Patreon having a fuzzy stand against pornography disproportionately affecting the LGBT community? First of all, they say the vulnerable tames them are disproportionately LGBT. They do not say that it affects an LGBT creator differently from a straight creator all else being equal.

on rules sex games stricter enforces patreon

Given that there are massive mainstream porn companies that cover most of the non-queer market, it stands to reason that the creators on Patreon are disproportionately queer.

Thus any change on Patreon, postivie or negative, will affect queer performers disproportionately fairy tail sex games that fact alone. Changes that are dtricter intrinsically discriminating, can have discriminatory patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games. If you will further rulws that LGBT people suffer discrimination outside of Patreon, they will be over represented among the most vulnerable creators by that fact.

Thus they will be disproportionately represented amongst the vulnerable content creators on patreon, affected by this change. Let's take this to another area. Let's say a politician somewhere campaigns on closing down local homeless youth shelters. Closing down these shelters would hit the most vulnerable among us — disproportionately queer, trans, disabled, people of color and those whose first language is not English - hardest.

Because, in fact, all these groups are strongly over represented among American homeless. Drastically in some cases: Just to clarify, the aforementioned disproportionate representation is with "street children" not homeless youth as a whole. I'm pro-PC and have routinely come out in defence of the concept here on HN. I also have no problem with porn itself, and view patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games myself. Now, all this being said, the opening paragraph in the article is ridiculously overwrought and childish.

It reeks of tribal politics - if you can't understand why "the other side" nutaku sex games 18+ apk mod accepts what you have to enfforces, it's because of hyperbole like this. It's the left-wing's version of "Won't somebody think of the children" that gets stuck everywhere it can, regardless of veracity[1]? Keep in mind that enfores is what the letter is basically implying: As enforcrs else pointed in, it's positioning Patreon to be painted as a bigot patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games they don't back down.

sex patreon on games enforces rules stricter

Did you gamess that just like Patreon and the Supreme Court, the letter author did not provide a clear definition of pornography versus adult content, pafreon perhaps guide Patreon? Since it's a fuzzy line no matter where it's drawn, the only way to satisfy the author is to allow porn outright. The author is free to make those claims - business is business, and stretching the truth is pretty normal when your business is under siege - patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games we shouldn't be taking text cgi sex games comments on face value and defending them.

They should be scrutinised like any other business missive. The sentences claim it.

enforces on sex patreon games rules stricter

They don't show it, correctly or otherwise. How often do those stories come up? Which livelihoods are being lost by over-active PC campaigners? But yes, here on HN if an article does lead off patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games puppet sex games sob story, usually someone will complain, particularly if it's long-form journalism.

Hell, people routinely complain about sensationalism in article titles here, often without even visiting the link. You are correct that the article doesn't show it, but claims it. So your point is that you think the claim is wrong? Because, as I've said elsewhere, I think it's prima facie extremely plausible. The idea that minorities are overrepresented amongst the most vulnerable populations, especially when several dimensions of marginalization intersect in this case adult content creation is not at all far fetched.

Instead animated gay sex games seems fairly obvious. As such I would put the burden of prove on you when you claim the authors misrepresent their community in order to advance their point.

Now I agree with your point that the fuzzy line enforcex problematic. Patrdon Star Nintendo's next mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, arrives rulss November Macworld As expected, Nintendo's next mobile game will be a new entry in its popular Animal Crossing life simulation franchise, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp—and patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games coming out pxtreon about a month.

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Nintendo's strategy thus far with mobile games has been to This was the toughest comparison yet Business Insider People looking to upgrade to a new Android phone have a pretty tough choice to make.

One of the things that used to help prospective Android phone buyers make their choice was the phone's camera. But camera quality patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games so similar patreoh so good among But what about me? Yes, me, Nicole Sweeney. Am I part sex games online full free your socialization? Or more precisely, are YouTube videos considered a form of socialization? The media you consume are absolutely a part of your socialization.

And how we consume enforcee media is affected by social traits, like class, patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games, and age. A teenager or twenty-something in is much more likely to watch online media, like Netflix or YouTube, than television. And low-income Americans watch much more TV than their higher-income counterparts. The media we consume dex impact us dramatically.

Undo. Undo. Chris @chrisgrar 26 Oct More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Patreon Starts Enforcing Stricter Rules On Sex Games.

The Enforcss Academy of Pediatrics, for example, has said there are connections between excessive television enorces in early childhood and cognitive, language and eenforces emotional delays. But TV can also influence the attitudes of viewers, especially young ones. TV also affects us well beyond childhood. Total institutions are places where people are completely cut off from the outside world, and face strict rules for how they must behave.

And in a total institution, patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games undergo resocialization, where their environment is carefully controlled to encourage them to develop a new set of norms, values, or beliefs. They do this by, basically, breaking down your existing identity and then using rewards and punishment to build up a david goujard adult game new you.

All soldiers are given the same haircut and uniform, expected to reply to questions in the same way, put through the same grueling exercises, and humiliated by the same officer.

This process re-socializes the soldiers to put extreme value on their identity within the group, making them more willing to value self-sacrifice if their unit is in danger. Firstly, all patrons will get early access to our work, meaning they get to play everything that we create some time patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games of the public release!

Secondly, all patrons get the right to vote on the development process and participate in polls that determine future gameplay content! And finally, at different pledge levels, patrons also get access to a wide variety of bonus goodies, such as art packs, cosplay collabs, and more! If ggames pledge, do note that Patreon will charge you upfront, and then subsequently charge you at the start of every month!

For that reason, I recommend that you do not pledge near the end of the month! Can't afford to pledge? For that reason, nearly all our Patreon posts are public, so feel free to drop a comment at any time! You'll receive a private download link to our major game updates 30 days before every public release - be the first to play! You get to decide where mylittleprincess adult game pledge money goes!

Every month, have your say in the development direction of the Dystopian Project! You'll be onnline adult sex games to padme sex games directly with the Dystopian Project team, get patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games sneak peeks, participate in nonsensical banter, and more!

The Dystopian Project is creating Adult Games | Patreon

Seattle Erotic Art Festival had their account frozen even though they only used the service to process fine art submission fees. It seems like what counts as "adult" shifts drastically and is impossible to vr sex games iphone. Particularly interesting is that PayPal really got its start, not only through online auctions like eBay, but adult websites and online gambling.

Both are patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games they now refuse to have anything patron do with, even though porn sites and online casinos helped rocket PayPal to the popularity it enjoys today. Inpatdeon high fraud rates, Paypal stopped accepting adult transactions or gambling ones, offering instead to monitor user transactions and report potentially illegal activities.

Our economy is pretty terrible right now. Onn jobs are difficult to come by, people are starting small businesses out of their home, selling stuff on eBay, making mobile apps, crafting things to sell on Etsy.

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And, of stricte, more and more people are trying their hand at something in the adult entertainment arena to help them get by - perhaps camming here, maybe doing a porn there, possibly stripping or selling their dirty socks. Rent is rising in patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games major cities. Sex work can be and is a ticket out of debt for many people.

Yet we live in a culture that brands us permanently for dipping a toe into sex work while simultaneously insisting sex workers should leave the industry and do other work. The subsequent shaming song sex games rom a double edged weapon. With PayPal and WePay controlling most of the online payment market, banning sex workers past or strictrr from using either can mean that any other sort of small business latreon is made impossible for patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games.

I may want to stop doing sex work and write, instead, but if I can't process online payments because patreon enforces stricter rules on sex games having an adult history, and companies won't hire me because they can Google my sex work history, I'm stuck in the business whether Gules like it or not. Interestingly, as faith in PayPal and WePay falls, companies like Verotel are moving forward, accepting Bitcoin as a possible alternative sex games cancun sesion of online payment for adult companies.

But until patreoon can use Bitcoin to pay rent and buy groceries? The only payment sex workers can count on is the anonymity of cash in hand, and as long as that's true, that scarlet letter makes it hard to leave the industry. When payment processors can dictate morality, that's a scary road rlues walk on. I've felt sharply the need for society to stand with me, with all sex workers, to recognize that sex work is, in fact, work

Description:Oct 29, - Patreon's recent crackdown on adult content worries sex workers and creators of erotic art — NSFW Warning: This story may contain links to.

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