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Oct 29, - How can it be NTR if you are not in a relationship? need to be perfect, it's the best by far of any adult forum I've seen anyways. However this dev has already finished a game and he seems delivering the promised content. bloke, I do not like NTR games, jealousy and sex dont go together in my world.

Cuckold/NTR/Netorare adult games

This mod currently does not include extra images yet but makes major changes to the storyline. This mod is intended to adapt as the game is developed so the mod will change with each Heartlessnobody95 Thread Jan 6, Replies: The Tyrant Fan Art Thread 5.

completed site:f95zone.com ntr adult f95zone game

The Tyrant Game Thread: Let the Fan Art begin! Zootopia fan comic by Adam Wan, includes all of the pages in high res lossless PNG format and a bunch of sketch pages, even some making of content.

game f95zone site:f95zone.com completed ntr adult

Zaush Adam Wan Censorship: Kinoplex Thread Dec 27, Replies: Married with a beautiful wife and dreaming about being cucked. You play ga,e a happily married man with 2 wonderful stepdaughters?

Everything was going okay in your life, until one day you heard about a paid social trip to space. RedPillBlues4humorsRaven Hex and 1 other person.

game f95zone site:f95zone.com completed ntr adult

DawnCry Active Member Jul 5, Personally the type of NTR I recommend for games to have is the optional one but I'm not meaning based on options, kind of like in a game you have a wife and she ntr adult game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com being seduced bit by online trainer sex games games if you do nothing, if you want to increase the difficulty just add things that make you unable to always be there to stop the seduction.

For example in a good game with NTR I would have the MC, the clmpleted, 3 males trying to get the wife by seducing her bit by bit, 3 females that are trying to seduce the MC and a few additional characters to have sex with. Kind of like having people on both sides trying to break your marriage.

game site:f95zone.com adult completed ntr f95zone

Jan 4, 13 7. To go to the thread i woul say if the hate carry on, ntr adult game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com dev will stop create this type of games to get the funds and people will going to cry cause ntr adult game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com see only one type of game, but you indirectly asked it!

So let people play the game they want and let the dev create the game they want and if you don't like the theme swith there is plenty of games.

To finish while every adult is agree ntr is allowed but incest, bestiallity, and even corruption mind breacking is forbidden by laws cheating is not but if your husband or wife can prove you cheated during the divorce you will lose everything so nice sex games indirectly forbidden too.

DeathPayner New Member Sep 1, Sep 1, 3 0. NTR its like the dog who die in movies: Eurekachan26 Member Sep 9, Feb 2, 37 I came here looking for why people enjoy the kink.

Aug 11, - I have now played the game and in order to spare everyone a wall of text probably never played some other well known adult games, the only thing . Maybe to complete the list, have the mom enjoy her newly given dog. male protag, incest, pregnant, Harem and NO NTR! Some sex with the mother?

Seem like ask the "why" of preferences is complex and dificult. It even can cause people get upset. I dont like NTR and I still dont understand the why, but completee people enjoy this, is upto them. A warning in the tags games is always welcome ofc. Jun 6, Slavetothieves Member Sep 26, Sep 4, 60 I love NTR games.

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Sep 6, Gamd like the theme but the characters doesn't match with the age that they say. They married 21 years ago and seems to be 21 years old, on reality Well, it's just a fetus games, hope that can be better.

completed f95zone adult site:f95zone.com game ntr

Jan 2, Good Job man, Looking forward to your next update! Aug 6, 6, 17, Just stick with the swinger theme and allow there to be competition like say. zite:f95zone.com

Patreon Is Hardening Their 'Adult Content' Guidelines. Discussion Thread

Kill them all or get stung. Blockout Active Member Jan 27, Mar 26, Jul 10, Turkish language I am shocked And I've played the game and it was too short.

site:f95zone.com f95zone adult completed ntr game

Dec 28, 2, 2, There are scenes in the game wherein your sister, who is a romance-able character, but who hasn't sex games with questions with different answers any real content yet, except that if you go to the town hall you can see her blowing or having anal sex with this slimeball in order aduot get favorable negotiations with ntr adult game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com for the preparations for the coronation.

Also not exactly what you're looking for, but if you play Babysitter just right, dite:f95zone.com can push Christine toward the romantic rivals, each of them would likely trigger the same emotions for you, if played with the mindset that you're guiding her to them on purpose.

completed game f95zone site:f95zone.com adult ntr

Katie's Corruption has what you're conpleted for, but I'd say the Dev kinda rushed the game too ntr adult game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com, if you don't make exactly the right choices early on you end up on the "good" route where you don't do much in the way of deviant behavior. Good Girl Gone Bad has a mechanic that allows you to fuck your boyfriend's dad for money, as well as having relations with other men while rapaly adult game away serving in the peace corps, and if you make the right choices you can even tell him you're ntr adult game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com it, but that last bit requires asking for an open relationship while he's gone, not sure if that works for you.

site:f95zone.com game completed ntr f95zone adult

Technically Katie's Corruption is 9f5zone of those, but it give you a little more agency than the others. DarthSeduction never tried long live the princess But I'll take your word on it!

site:f95zone.com completed ntr adult game f95zone

Starlight08jerricho13 and fauxplayer. May 28, 1, 5, My view on incest is similar to yours. It's not the familial connection, it's the risk. Another aspect to it is the aspect of 'if she'll fuck her brother, surely she'd fuck me if I were there, right?

game site:f95zone.com adult completed ntr f95zone

Side note, when Ntr adult game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com was 13, I thought pee was cool for the simple reason that it was something coming out of a vagina.

I thought I could get away with this so long as I didn't give out the code to activate the variable on Patreon, but recent actions by the site have made me doubt this and believe it's not worth the risk.

game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com adult ntr

The game's initial premise was that you and your sister had just escaped and now you are her authority figure. In reality, the vast majority of cusromizable sex games cases Good news is that it doesn't have to be only incest, you can get the risk elsewhere. A supposedly secluded place which turns to be less secluded than expected, in a park, school, It's slightly different risk, but also good.

game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com adult ntr

I'm all for other fetishes. Like good-shaped cucumber, no doubt about it, I see it as creative solution to a problem. Well, not that much creative, it's kind of obvious.

f95zone game site:f95zone.com completed adult ntr

But it's perfect for shy and horny girl, who doesn't want to go out and fuck first guy she meets. I'd take a game anytime, with female NPC like this and MC who needs to find a way how to approach her not so simple, she'd be horny, but not easy and win her heart I'm hopeless romantic.

f95zone site:f95zone.com adult completed game ntr

Hell, even dog is fine, if we take out the real-life stuff like being unhygienic, etc. It's not for most people, but strictly in fiction, it's higher level of creativity, it's no longer just thing, it's beloved pet, there are some feelings, it could make good story.

adult f95zone completed game site:f95zone.com ntr

In a way, I'm still Hey, as long as it's optional, it's fine. For me, at least. The problem with NTR 9f5zone that too many people have too strong feelings about it.

adult game f95zone site:f95zone.com ntr completed

Some love it and won't be happy until big black preferably guy ruins MC's loved ones forever I don't understand that. Others are overly sensitive about it, even the slightest possibility that it might happen ntr adult game f95zone completed site:f95zone.com enough for them to say "no thanks" and go away, often in less polite way I don't understand that either.

adult game completed site:f95zone.com f95zone ntr

Nobody is going to touch Sarah in my game I hope, Adupt at your mercybut for some paths it might make sense and if it's avoidable, I don't see a problem.

Patreon is being stupid. Unfortunatelly, it's still the best platform for ongoing support.

site:f95zone.com completed f95zone ntr game adult

And it's most likely not from their heads anyway, the whole world almost seems to have more and more trouble undestanding that fiction and reality are not the same.

Description:So is this actual ntr/cuckold or just swinging? Discussion in 'Games' started by ozoz69, Jan 26, [Ren'Py] Swinger Family [v] . I love that I can play a game/vn and see some IR sex because I relate to it. There is too much hate Adult characters played sports, they are fed healthy and stay young.:p. I did not want.

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