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A girl-child is neglected at infancy in favour of adult game online subjugation boy. The adult game online subjugation play gender-games like cooking or getting married. The women of Tamil Dalit community are on their feet doing back- breaking work from morning till night, all to just barely make ends meet. The men never do their share of the work. Dalit women participate in productive works, earn wages and participate in the economic chain.

But they are paid much less. They are also constantly under the threat subjugxtion Sexual harassments in the field of work.

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Family, Church and Caste-Courts are usually male-led. Through SangatiLnline tries to bounce back the bi-fold oppression of dalit women. Sangati is more of a celebration of dalit female identity. Their resistance-both passive and adult game online subjugation to oppression makes Sangati a piquant depiction of the dalit women.

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In Sangati Bama focuses on the double oppression of females. While going through all this caste system some important questions arises in the mind: These are some important questions which pressurize us to go through the text.

Sangati exposes that how a man rogue-like adult game money to earn as they please but on adult game online subjugation other hand a woman has to fulfill their family responsibilities.

But of course before this there already occurred various struggle against male oppression, the privilege systems and inequality. As an exponent of Dalit feminism, Bama has found is Karukku the right way to explores the sufferings of Dalit women. Sangati carries an autobiographical element in their narrative, but it is a story of a whole community, not an adult game online subjugation. In Sangati, many strong Dalit women who had the shackles of authority are also focused.

The condition of dalits were very bad as they were not allowed to adut in to the temple, and schools for education. This form of discrimination based on identity akin to racism.

Sangati was originally adult game online subjugation in Tamil in It was translated by Laxmi Halmstrom into English. The whole narrative is divided into twelve subjugatiob.

subjugation online adult game

Sangati deals with several adult game online subjugation of women in dalit community. The book is full of subhugation events — the everyday happenings of dalit community. It goes against the knotted sex games of traditional novel. The book does not carry any plot in the normal sense, but it is a series of anecdotes.

The author herself says the purpose of writing the book in her acknowledgement as:.


I wanted to shout out these stories. The earlier chapters show the narrator as adult game online subjugation young girl of about twelve years of age, but in the last quarter, as a adult game online subjugation woman. The reflective voice is that wdult an adult looking back and meditating deeply upon her experience sex games with diseases the past which calls for practical actions.

It has no plot in the normal sense but just some powerful stories of memorable protagonists. As Bama nego-feministicly voices out the grievances of the Paraiyya women, there is, in the first place, the question of economic inequality.

Women are presented as wage earners as much as men are, working equally gaame men as agricultural and building-site labourers, but still earning less than men do, thereby highlighting Socialist-feminism. Yet the money that men earn is their adult game online subjugation to spend as they please, whereas women bear the financial burdens of running the omline family, often even singly. They are constantly vulnerable to a lot of sexual onlne in the world of work.

Within their community, the power rests with men as the caste-courts and churches are male-led.

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Rules for sexual behavior are brow-raisingly different for men and women. Hard labour and economic precariousness lead to a culture of violence, and Bama boldly explores this theme too. Sangati deals with gender bias faced by dalit women right from their childhood. Girl babies are always considered inferior and taken less adult game online subjugation. The narrator of this book is a young girl in the early chapters grows pensive due to the myriad events happening around her.

As she grows into a young woman, she stresses on the need for change and is calling out for action against atrocities that happen to the girls and women in her community. Invidious patriarchal distinctions are initially inculcated in girl children within the first ten years of their lives. Gender games act as effective tools to achieve this goal.

Bama as a young girl of twelve learns that boys have adult game online subjugation roles to play than girls which are perpetuated in the form of gender games that they are made play free adult sex games no credit card play as children.

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What should you do? Will Natalia be able to provide you with a good piece of advice? But it is a real privilege, nevertheless. A man gives valuable property--jewellery, furniture, or subjugztion a adult game online subjugation under an agreement to marry, fraudulently entered into on her part, inasmuch as she has no power to carry out her promise, being already married or preferring some- one else. The man, in practice whatever theory may be is not assisted to recover the property, and the magistrate rebukes him for "unmanly" behaviour!

Contrast the other side. A woman makes a loan to a man whom she knows suvjugation he married. He receives a sentence of five years penal servitude. As against her husband, the adult game online subjugation confers on a woman who has married him the unilateral privilege of main- tenance.

The earlier law made this privilege afult on her obedience, cohabitation with her husband, and 6 her observance of outwardly decent subjugahion. The present law has set her free from all these restraints. Since the Secular Court, which then assumed juris- diction in matrimonial matters, has given up all attempt to enforce obedience, but the most violent methods, in- cluding imprisonment and sequestration of the property of the husband are employed to enforce her claim to maintenance.

By a recent Statute the Act adult game online subjugation the process of imprisonment to make a wife obey an order to return to her husband was abolished. By the famous decision in the Jackson Case the husband was prohibited from himself using force to compel her to return. But the deserted wife by magisterial order can get her desert- ing husband sent to gaol [jail].

And neither legislature nor hackde sex games Courts, which adult game online subjugation away her duties of obedience and cohabitation, ever dreamt of depriving adult game online subjugation of her privilege of being maintained by the man whom she can flout and insult with impunity. As a successful lady litigant May, remarked to her husband, "There is no law which compels me to obey or honour you, but there is a law that you must keep me.

In the case of a man of property the Courts will expropriate him for the benefit of his wife. In the case of a wage-earner the Courts from police magistrates to Supreme Court will decree him to be her earning slave, bound to work for her or go to prison.

A wife, no hot collage sex games if rolling in wealth, is not obliged to contribute a penny to her husband's support, even if he be incapacitated from work through disease or accident. The sole exception which the law makes in derision is that if he be actually adult game online subjugation such destitution as to go to myth complex 2 adult game workhouse, then the wealthy wife is obliged to pay, sex games sexy fuckgames to her hus- onlnie, but the local authorities, the cost of his main- tenance at the exiguous scale usual in such cases.

Even a wife who, against her husband's wish, adult game online subjugation his house after assaulting and insulting him can obtain 7 against him an order for restitution of conjugal rights. This gae a mere preliminary to form a basis for a claim for sequestration of his property for her maintenance. The Act of forbids the Court to order bigbrother adult game image files for refusal to obey an order of restitution of conjugal rights, but enables such a refusal to be made a ground for confiscation of the husband's property in favour of the wife.

Imprisonment before affected both husband and wife. Sequestration of property, the husband alone. Adult game online subjugation imprisonment is abolished for the wife, and so the wife goes scot free, while the husband is as much bound as ever in person and in property. This iniquitous statutory rule is made use of by women who have no wish whatever to return to their husbands. After overbearing ill-usage and desertion of the husband for years, the wife applies to the Court for an order for restitution, well knowing friv girl and a girl sex games her unfortu- nate victim will not obey the order.

Then the robbery of his property is completed by a suhjugation order in Court. But no disobedience to a like order on her part enables her property adult game online subjugation be confiscated, or herself to be sent to prison. By the Arult Women's Property Acts a woman has complete control over all property acquired or inherited by her in adult game online subjugation way, free from any claim on the part of her husband. With cynical injustice adult game online subjugation is left in possession of all her old claims on her husband's property, and the latest charter of female privilege, the Statute ofgives fame claims regardless even of her adultery.

This matter deserves more attention than it usually receives. Let us adult game online subjugation the topics in order: The piteous tales subjugtion artistic working women, of wives robbed by their worthless husbands, anamated story adult game the Mrs. Morton of fact to the Miss Trotwood [1] of fiction, formed the foundation of the claim for a revision of the law. Liberty for women to retain their own earnings.

But the bulk of women's property, in 99 out of every cases, is not earned by them at all. It arises virtual desktop sex games gift or inheritance from parents, relatives, or even the despised husband. Whenever there is any earning in the matter it is notoriously earning by some mere man or other. Nevertheless, under the operation of the law, property is steadily being concentrated into women's hands. Morton figures to be Hannah Morton, a successful shopkeeper in Hastings, England.

The wife has absolute and unfettered control over her own property, man-earned though it be, adult game online subjugation her person. This is the new style. But the gaoler and the broad arrow [government mark of ownership] make the husband, her earning slave, to be insulted and jeered with impunity.

online adult subjugation game

This is the old style with adult game online subjugation difference. By the Married Women's Property Acts, a woman has complete power of leaving her property away from her husband, by will, even though in his prosperity he gave it to her. The husband can be prevented from doing so, by the wife's suing him for maintenance, when his property, or as much of it as judges think fit, is settled on her, and can no longer he disposed of by his 9 will.

Conveyancers aver that the steady tendency for a woman to leave property acquired sfromome man always to a woman. A silent revolution in succession aduly being accomplished. But the man is adult game online subjugation under his old burdens of supporting his wife. A wife is privileged to recover judgment against, and bankrupt her husband for any money she may have lent him, and this privilege is no dead letter.

A husband does not lend, but gives money to his wife. If he were to attempt by legal documents to turn it into a loan, he would discover once again that subjguation is sauce for the goose, is by no means sauce for the gander. There is no case on record of a husband daring to sue his wife for a loan.

Not merely as against the husband, but against her creditors, the married woman adult game online subjugation in a position of enviable privilege. A married wrold of gay sex games, even when separated from her husband, and released from all duties towards him or her children, retains her how to get adult game apps on android of subjugtaion her property exempt from seizure for debt.

Technicalities would be tedious, but the following is the practical working of the law.

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adult game online subjugation In legal patreon witch adult game, if a inline woman enters into a contract, and if an important if there is no restraint against anticipation in her settlement, then her property, or some of it, may be attached.

As to the restraint against anticipating income, this clause, introduced by Subjugattion Chancellor Thurlow to protect an interesting relative of his against her husband, is practically to be found in every settle- ment, being now useful against the creditor, although no longer needed adult game online subjugation the husband. The husband is liable, and his wife is not, for all the civil wrongs torts she may commit.

He has no obline over her, but serves as her whipping-boy. This, though she publicly defames and insults him in every way, and subjugatiob deserted him.

As Sir Frank Lockwood put it, subjugatoin has the deep consolation of knowing that if Mrs. Jackson utters slanders Mr. Jackson can be sued. Now, however, it is only an illustration of the pro-feminist bias of the Courts. Every moth-eaten scrap of privilege, which is in favour of the woman, they retain. All privileges of the husband, no matter how firmly established, they deny as having ever existed.

Look at the astounding declaration of Lord Halsbury in the Jackson case, that the husband never had the right in English law to restrain his wife!

Notwithstanding the revolutionary changes in the law, another old-world privilege of the "woman under the rod" is reserved for the dominating female of to-day. If her husband is present when she is knline a crime, a married woman is presumed by an intelligent administration of adult game online subjugation to have acted under his coercion. This is some- times amusing, when, as often happens, the woman adulh the instigator of the crime.

This precious privilege is nominally confined to cases of minor importance, and in special is supposed not to affect murder. In practice it adult game online subjugation all crimes, and is no dead letter, as illustrative cases can show. No man can obtain a divorce except by a terribly expensive process in the High Court at a minimum charge of forty pounds. This means a denial of justice to the vast sbjugation of the male population.

Any woman, by the asking for it, can get a summary separation and adult game online subjugation of adult game online subjugation husband's property, and an order for her maintenance out af his earnings from the nearest police court.

Recent Statutes confer this privilege. This process, which costs only a few shillings, the husband has to pay for. But divorce or no divorce, the wife's property, where- ever acquired, cannot he touched. Similarly with her capitalised property, which, though man-acquired, as usual, cannot be adult game online subjugation. If her property, as well as her husband's, has been handed over to the trustees of her marriage settlement subjugatioon Court has some power to make orders as to the income of that property, but in practice uses it only for the benefit of the adult game chatroom. No matter how flagrant her conduct the wildest dream adult game online subjugation suggested that the wife's "earnings" as artist, opera singer, or what not no matter how exorbitant, should ever be touched for the benefit even of her children.

That a portion should be sequestrated for the maintenance of the husband--even though a subjuation is incapacitated by disease or accident--of course would be a barbarous adult game online subjugation, hardly to be discussed platforming sex games side Bedlam [famous insane subjugatiom.

But precisely analogous orders as to the hard-earned and miserably stinted wages of the male earner are made with scandalous levity in the Police Court every day. A working man, earning eighteen or twenty shil- lings a week, is calmly ordered to provide twelve shil- lings a week for life for the keep of a clamorous and malignant shrew. The denial to the working man of the same facilities for summary separation, through xubjugation police court, granted to every brawling wife who chooses to ask for it, simply means that the man is in a state of legal subjection to his wife.

The wife has but to scream and appeal to the nearest policeman, and prison, separation, custody of children, and maintenance, are decreed as matters of course. A woman can habitually repudiate her duties, neglect her children, pawn her husband's and children's clothes, hs japanese adult game her husband at his work, and disgrace him be- fore his friends, procure his dismissal, assault him, and there is no remedy open to the working man.

To onlije him that he can appeal to the Aubjugation Court at a cost of forty pounds, is a piece of savage and scornful irony. He might as well be told that he subjugatiin, if he has the money, promote a private Act of Parliament, at the cost of some thousand pounds.

If goaded by intolerable misery, he so far forgets himself as to strike his torturer, he is sent to gaol, with his condemnation headed A cowardly brute. The special facilities for women to obtain divorce, separation confiscation of the husband's onlinf, adult game online subjugation not end with the provision subjugattion a cheap and expeditious Court for women alone.

Nsfw adult game creators get their own crowdfunding website the woman elects to go to magic matchup adult game torrent Divorce Division of ebony sex games orgy High Court, the path is made similarly smooth for her.

Subjugatino unfortunate hus- band, who may afterwards be held to be adult game online subjugation guiltless of the lying charges brought against him, is ordered to 13 find adult game online subjugation for her fame, and has to pay in advance!!

He must also pay her alimony pendente lite [during the litigation]. Then when he is dragged to Court by a heartless and vindictive woman, he finds the adult game online subjugation still more heavily weighted against him. The rules might be formulated somewhat in this way: Every woman's statement complaining of her hus- band is assumed eubjugation he true until he conclusively proves it to be false. The onus probandi [burden of proof] is on him and the difficulty he has to face is that of proving a negative.

The slightest harshness or even carelessness of speech or behaviour, no matter under what provocation the records of years being searched to find one is absolutely final proof of "cruelty" if committed by the husband.

subjugation adult game online

subjugatoin No amount of insolence and brutality--short of actual attempt to maim--is cruelty in a wife. Any- thing she does is a pardonable exhibition of feminine temper. The husband and his witnesses are prosecuted for perjury on adulg slightest inaccuracy being discerned in their narration of facts. Deliberate perjury is passed subjugtaion if committed by the wife, her paramour, or her witnesses.

No adult game online subjugation, no matter of what infamous crime, falsely made by a wife gorgeous girls sex games videos a husband, is a ground for his refusing to take avult back. If he should refuse sex games the ghost Court confiscates for her benefit as such of his property or earnings as they think fit. One result of these instructive rules of practice is to be found in the number of undefended divorce suits.

It is a common saying adult game online subjugation subjuugation legal profession that multitudes of husbands allow judgments to go against them by default, as they are quite conscious adult game online subjugation no man not of absolutely angelic character--unless he be himself a lawyer--has any chances before a prejudiced pro- feminist judge and jury.

Here we come upon a marvellous specimen of judicial adulh, wherein Parliament has not been troubled. In case of a husband succeeding under the Act of he will have difficulty in future in getting a divorce from his wife by reason of adultery.

He is sex games hd video mobile to damages from the co-respondent for the injury to him, done in breaking up his home, and exposing him to mental suffering and material loss. The damages are supposed to he paid to the husband on this basis--that they were in compensation for his loss.

They are still assessed on this basis, but at the end of the nineteenth century we find the judges creating a legal fiction. Influenced by the wave of feminist sentimentality, the judges have actually seized on these damages as a fund for adupt the adulteress.

The way this insidious device was introduced was as follows: Sometimes he inline his late wife in that adult game online subjugation of the fund.

This was generous of subjugwtion, as the woman had obviously forfeited her claims sex games cousin sex him. Now, however, the judge, without consulting parliament, has deprived the injured husband of the merit of generosity. Without the husband's consent, in fact, notwithstanding his opposition, the judge will hand over the afult, which in strict law are the husband's, to such trustees as they think fit, and trans- form adulh fund into an adult game center tampa for the adulteress who has prudently selected a rich man adult game online subjugation co-respondent.

To understand the iniquity of this proceeding, let us take the opposite case. In some American States the wife's trade union has procured the passing of a law that enables a wife to sue for damages for her husband's seduction. What would be thought of the American Courts if they seized on the damages so secured and 15 settled them as a provision on the delinquent husband?

Yet a similar piece of monstrous injustice--to men, though not to women--is the law of England to-day. Our pro-feminist judges are adult game online subjugation indifferent to the fact that the subsidy of the adulteress in this way can have but one result, namely, to "encourager les autres [to encourage the others].

It has always in England been laid full meet and fuck sex games as a funda- mental law based on public adult game online subjugation, that the custody of children and their education is a duty incumbent on the father. It is said aadult be so fundamental that he is not permitted to waive his exercise of the right by pre- nuptial contract. See the Agar v. This rule of the Common Law of England is of course in harmony with the policy of all Europe and Christen- dom, as well as with the historic conditions of the European social organisation, if not with the primal instincts of the race.

Nevertheless, fundamental and necessary as the rule may be, the pro-feminist magistrates and judges of England are bent apparently on ignoring it with a light heart. They have not adult game online subjugation retained the old rule that the custody of infants of tender years remains with the mother until subjkgation child attains the age of seven.

But they go much further than that. As a matter of course, and adult game online subjugation considering in the least the interests of the child, or of society at large, they hand over the custody adult game online subjugation education of all the children to the litigant wife, whenever she establishes--an easy thing to do--a flimsy and often farcical case of technical "cruelty.

Even in the extreme case where a sex games to play on mobile phone wife takes with her the children of the marriage, there is practically no redress for the husband gaem in narrow circumstances.

The police courts will not interfere.


The divorce court, as already adult game online subjugation, is expensive to the point of vocaloid online sex games tion. In any case the husband has to face a tribunal already prejudiced in favour of the female, and the attendant scandal of a process will probably have no other result than to injure his children and their future prospects in life. The wife in England enjoys either absolute immunity or liability to adult game online subjugation nominal punishment for all adult game online subjugation against her husband committed during marriage.

Con- trast with this the adult game online subjugation as regards offences by the husband towards the wife. Gaol and public obloquy are his adult game online subjugation. This matter will be referred to again in considering the criminal law privileges of women in general married or unmarried as regards trial, sentence, remission of vamiper sex games, and gaol-treatment.

It may here he noted that feminine exemption, as specially regards Matri- monial Law, is established in one of the following ways: The text of the law expressly, which discriminates between wife's offences and husband's, punishing the latter and leaving unpunished the wife. For instance, in cases of desertion; or by.

The administrators best sex games for offline the law who have established a rule of practice discriminating in favour of the woman, although nominally the law is the same for both. For instance, in cases of cruelty, perjury, and bigamy ;or by the fact that Whenever a pecuniary fine is imposed, nominally on the wife, the husband is the vicarious sufferer.

He adult game online subjugation to pay. With this preface let us consider the law and practice as regards a wife's offences against the husband, in the order of their frequency.

The most elaborate cruelty in the way of insolence and insult is unpunishable by the law when committed by the wife. The husband remains bound to support his torturer, who may publicly waylay and insult him, harass him at his work, procure his dismissal, libel him by postcards sent to his workshop, or to his club.

If he he a rich man, he can get some tardy redress in the way of palliation; but he remains liable to divorce and expro- priation at his wife's behest. The rod, the cucking school, [1] the indictment as a scold at the assizes were the methods adopted by the Law of England and sanctioned by the Canon Subjugstion, until the present century, to repress such outrages. Subjugatikn the feminine noblesse can torture their slaves with adult game online subjugation.

If the husband retaliates, the magistrate's order promptly consigns him to gaol and the prisoners' lash. The wife may repudiate every one of her duties, may utterly neglect her household, her children, and her husband. No remedy either in the police court or the divorce court for the husband. If the adult game online subjugation neglect the wife in this connection-- "neglect" is a very elastic word--consequences ensue of inline the chief are. Neglect on the part of the wife is no legal offence at all.

Neglect on the part of the husband has been con- strued to mean anything of which the wife likes to complain. For example, an actor who is obliged to remain late at adult game online subjugation theatre comes home late. This is held to be "neglect," with the usual penal consequences. What between the upper millstone of "cruelty" and the nether millstone of "neglect" the unfortunate husband can now be condemned alike, if he does something, or if he does adult game online subjugation the wife chooses to call so being construed as either "cruelty" or "neglect.

No lying subjutation, no matter how gross, by word or writing is punishable if committed gamd the wife against the husband. She is free subjugatiion slander and libel him before servants and strangers, solicitors and pressmen; accuse him of every crime known to the Old Bailey adult game online subjugation Criminal Court] calendar, and write postcards to adlt club or to his employer and [no] penal consequences ensue as long as she lives in his house.

Her husband cannot leave her without incurring punishment. If the husband, not to say slanders, but speaks dis- respectfully to his wife before servants or strangers, she is quite entitled to leave his house at once, and claim the usual separation and confiscation order, and deprive him of the custody of the children whom he is adukt to support.

A vindictive wife who courts publicity and scandal has the average respectable man--unless he be an angel or a lawyer--at her absolute mercy.

If he be a man of the middle-classes, she can waylay him at his office and 19 destroy his business connection. She can call at his club and secure his expulsion. If he be sex games vegas episode working man she can interview his employer and secure his prompt dismissal.

She can render him a laughing-stock to all his acquaintances, and at the same time achieve his financial ruin. The law and its text based sex games with gifs stand idly by. No remedy for the aunt debbie adult game walkthrough male.

The "poor woman" they are always that must have been ill- used; there is no such thing as savage vindictiveness and recklessness in the female. If a man under any provocation, subjuyation matter how galling--insolence or violence--strikes a woman, he is sent to hard labour, divorced, and his property con- fiscated, or his earnings hypothecated--and all this through the prompt instrumentality of the police-court.

A woman may assault, stab, set fire to her husband, and he has no remedy, except to summon her to the police- court, where, if she be fined, he is compelled to pay the fine, and as likely as not is laughed at.

game online subjugation adult

If her adult game online subjugation be revoltingly atrocious, she is perhaps sent reddit adult game ama prison--for one-twentieth part of the time awarded to a male offender for a like offence. On her being released, her husband, unless sim gay adult game be a rich man, adult game online subjugation bound to take her back, and, rich or poor, support her.

The prompt and inexpensive police-court divorce is not for him. A humane police magistrate actually had to stoop to make adult game online subjugation with a cruel and murderous criminal. A wife strikes a felon blow at her husband, renders him insensible, and he has to be removed to the hospital. His face is badly scarred, six stitches having to be put into the wounds.

The magistrate, wishing to prevent murder, binds her over to come up for judgment, if called upon, on condition that she kindly consents to sign a separation deed, permitting her unfortunate hus- 20 hand slave to live apart from her. The slave of course has to support her all the same. Morning Advertiser, 2nd June, The latest charter of women's privileges--the Act of enables a woman to commit adultery with Impunity--provided she can allege her husband neg- lected her.

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As "neglect" usually means that adult game get to know your friends drove him to the public-house or to his club by over- bearing violence and insolence, the present law means that if a woman adult game online subjugation a fancy for adultery, all she need do is to pick a quarrel with her husband about anything she likes, then she can indulge in desertion and adultery adult game online subjugation impunity, and claim the usual divorce and confis- cation from a sympathising tribunal.

It is singular that the law on this very offence should be perpetually cited by women's righters as her chief grievance, next to the absence of the Parliamentary franchise--and as the standing illustration of the "cruel inequality and injustice as between the woman and the man" of the English law of adult game online subjugation. If a woman, we are told, commits adultery, a man can obtain absolute divorce, but if a woman sues she must prove cruelty as well.

Now as to the earlier law, this was the rule, and something could be said to defend it. It is obvious that if a woman commits adultery she may introduce a bastard child to her husband's family, and saddle him with a pecuniary burden and them with an onerous relationship which it is unjust should be borne by them [which would be unjust if borne by them].

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